Software Development, Engineering, 3D

Our platforms and products have taken us in different directions. We visualize a 3D assembly instruction with 11000 steps for $250K house, we convert 3D files from 400MB to 100KB to be delivered over the web, and we manage a CDN network for Video tutorials for students from 74+ countries. We are a team of software developers, engineers and artists and this has shaped many of the services we can help you with.

Software Development

Web, Cloud, 3D, AI

Most of our solutions are for Web platforms, 3D visualizations and conversions, Cloud based systems, and AI to do the heavy lifting. This is our preferred sweet spot where we could really contribute. When all things are equal we would choose Rails and we will ace it.

We work on things from designing and implementing high level architectures and frameworks (like the Instruction Steps (IS) framework) to refactoring and improving RSpecs and CI procedures. We have a lot of experience in Robotics as we were running a robotics organization for 10 years.

On the right you can see a software developed by us in action :)

3D content

3D renders, animations, models

Do you need a 3D model or animation to better present your product, process or just to impress? 3D is quite useful especially in advertising and on social networks. Because of our involvement with BuildIn3D we've gathered a team of artists and designers that are authors on our platforms and could develop custom 3D models and animations.


The hardware along with the IoT Software

Looking for a custom devise? We can design and help with the manufacturing. Yes we are a Software Company in our core, but we were in Robotics for 10 years and we are also involved with the BuildIn3D platform where the engineering department is helping the team visualize assembly instructions for manufactures.

On the right you see a custom design rails measuring devise that automatically moves, measures the tracks and sends this information to an internet connected devise.