Instructions Converter (IC)

An Extensible framework for converting from and to different 3D file formats and extending these assets with additional features.

The Core of IC is the concept for a Processor. A Processor could extend the framework to add additional conversions and features to a format. Think "compressing" for example. There is a compress processor that makes sure all the 3D files that are delivered are optimized to the maximum not only by compressing the end result, but by actively changing the Geometry and Vertices of the 3D to reuse and compress them without loosing the quality.

What's included?

  • Support for many different formats like Blender, GLTF, STL, SOLIDWORKS, Obj, etc
  • Support for custom developed extensions for converting 3D files and enhancing them based on customer requirements
  • Runs both on-premise and as a SaaS on public and private clouds