The eLearning CMS that avoids duplication

The goal of FC Platform is to reduce duplication. One you build a Tutorial, Program, Material, Task you can reduce this content in many different Courses and Lessons. In this way you can build a Tutorial once and reuse it in many lessons.

Admin Interface

Manage your content

Create Courses, Lessons, Tutorials, Materials, Programs and Tasks. Group them with Categories and Tags. Attach Pictures and Videos that you've uploaded. Reuse the same content in different Courses and Lessons.


Require users to subscribe

Decide if the content should be free to the public or should require a subscription. You can show a preview of the Courses, Lessons, Tutorials, Materials, Programs. A 30 second preview of a Tutorial is sometimes enough to give users an understand of what the course would be about and if they want to user it.

User interface

Interface designed for the users

When duplication is avoided users find it difficult to navigate content that is referred and reused. FC Platform makes this easy by visualizing the referred content as a reference link or in full based on how users are using it.

See it live

FC Platform powers the FLLCasts platform

The whole FLLCasts platform is about building content in a team and reusing as much of the content as possible with all the robots building instructions. One 3D building instruction could be reused in many different courses.