Instruction Steps (IS)

An extensible JavaScript framework for delivering, visualizing and tracking assembly instructions on client browsers.

IS consists of a Core and a lot of standard and custom Extensions that address specific use cases for visualizing assembly instructions in a browser. Example for such extensions are the 3D Viewer, Tree Viewer, Developers Extension and many more. We organize a market place for extension developers and enterprise clients delivering assembly instructions to end users.

3D Viewer

Visualize assembly instructions in 3D

The viewer shows the instructions Step-By-Step. User could navigate, follow, zoom, rotate and see animations

The viewer could be embedded in any site.

Tree Viewer

Visualize assembly instructions as a Tree of steps

The viewer shows the instructions as a tree of steps. Users see the structure of the instructions, the order of steps, the modules and sub-modules that are part of the assembly instruction.

The viewer comes as an Extension to IS and is installed on demand.

Bill of materials

Get a complete list of the parts used in the instruction.

Bill of Materials indexed on the Internet that contains Picture, Name/PartNumber, Description of the parts used in the assembly.

Developers Extensions

Get additional tools, insights and debug information while developing extensions for Instruction Steps.

Developers Extensions make the extension development process easier.

Debug files locally, inspect events occurring in the framework and many more.


Publicly available API(s) and documentation on developing extensions.

The SDK version of IS provides a JavaScript API that is available during development for extensions and other JavaScript code running on the same page.

For production use the SDK is compiled along with IS Extensions to reduce the footprint. Users are still able to use the extensions, but other JavaScript code on the same page can not communicate with the SDK.