Instructions Steps (IS)

An Extensible JavaScript framework for visualizing and interacting with 3D on the web. It is used for delivering, visualizing and tracking assembly instructions on client browsers.

Provides 3D viewer, Tree Viewer, Bill of Materials, Developer extensions, SDK and many more.

FC Platform (FC)

FC Platform is a content management system (CMS) mainly for eLearning

The main goal of FC Platform is to reduce duplication when creating educational content. The platform allows authors and companies to work as a team to create Courses, Lessons, Episodes, Tasks and Materials without duplicating any of the content and reusing content whenever possible.

FC Groups

FC Groups is a learning management system (LMS)

FC Groups extends FC Platform with learning management features. Together FC Groups and FC Platform allow for an easy eLearning experience. Students could join Group and could move through Course. Teachers could track their progress. The main goal of FC Groups and FC Platform is to allow for classes to be conducted both onsite and online.

Instructions Converter (IC)

An Extensible framework for converting from and to different 3D file formats and extending these assets with additional features.

Blender to GLTF, Blender to *, * to Blender, from and to SolidWorks and STL files, AI processing and many more.