Summary by Kiril

Instructions could be changed and saved on the server. There are is new api for selecting elements. Small improvements on the navigation

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[IS-6.1] Add support for saving the modified instruction on server

You can click on the save button as an author of the instruction and this will save the instruction on server. Next time you open it, it will have the modifications.

[IS-6.1] Error on reordering steps and parts

Fixed a bug where placing a step into another step, saving the changed then and refreshing the page wouldn't save the changes.

[IS-6.1] Introduce an API for getting all the currently selected elements

API is now introduced. It is possible to get the currently selected element

We have IS.SceneState.IState#getInAnyState and IS.SceneState.IState#hasInAnyState

[IS-6.1] Improve the documenation of IS.GlobalIterator - many of the extensions and services are not described

Currently there is a list of all the services , extensions and events that the is-global_iterator framework provides.

[IS-6.1] When the Tree Viewer reloads the selected nodes are lost

When you reload the tree viewer (move a step) the selected nodes are not lost and remain selected.

[IS-6.1] When pressing left or right arrow going on another step should be only if the person has selected the canvas or tree explorer

When the user has not selected the canvas or tree viewer pressing left or right arrow will not go to next step. Going to the next step via the arrow keys is only possible if the user has focused the canvas or tree viewer before that.

[IS-6.1] When hiding the initial overlay you should automatically focus the canvas

When a user hides the initial overlay the canvas is automatically selected. This eases the user, because he does not have to select the canvas after hiding the overlay if he wants to use the arrow keys to navigate through the steps.

[IS-6.1, FLLCasts-8.2] Optimise viewer, tree and properties on author/materials

When you have a screen taller than 980px the canvas will be 780px in height.
If you don't have a screen that is 980px the canvas will take 560px.

The tree explorer and properties view are going to take enough space so the properties view aligns with the canvas.