Summary by Kiril

We have introduce a new extremely powerful feature for adding different overlays at the end, at the beginning, and the middle of the instruction and to do this also on filtered steps that are shown in preview mode.

In editing it is now possible to reorder the steps, save and load the model again and to keep the order of the steps.

Table of contents

[IS-6.0-VEX, Bug] Can not upload bin.gz file

Now you can build materials that contain .bin.gz files.

For example the data can now be uploaded.

[IS-6.0] Make tree-explorer understand the IS.GlobalFilter.IStepFilter

The tree explorer now shows filtered steps in gray so that they are easily differentiable from normal steps.

1. Go to
2. Log out if you are logged in
3. Wait for the instructions to load (that happens when the button "Start Building" has appeared)
4. Click on the tab "Editing"
5. Steps 13-283 now appear in gray in the tree structure that appears.

[IS-6.0] Overlay at last steps and on filtered steps

IS currently supports:

  1. Overlay on a filtered step - if a user sees a preview of an instruction and tries to go to a step that is filtered she will see an overlay provided by the platform - like "You should subscribe to see the instruction"

    Example at:
    1.1 Go to
    1.2 Open the Editing tab
    1.3 Click on a filtered step
    1.4 Result - you see a message that you should subscribe

  2. Overlay at the last step of the preview - if a user sees a preview and goes to the last step IS could show a different overlay. This overlay could be different or could be the same as the one for the filtered step

    2.1 Go to
    2.2 Click next until a message that you should subscribe shows
    2.3 The message is at the last step

  3. Overlay at last step - it is possible to show many overlays at the last step even if the instruction is not in preview mode

[IS-6.0-Fredi] Allow for drag and drop in the TreeExplorer.

Going to

Clicking on "Editing" shows the tree explorer.

You can drag and drop steps in the same parent.

[IS-6.0-Fredi] Steps order is lost on edit. Should save the order

The order of the children is now preserved. This is inside information and customers do not have any concerns about it.

When loading a gltf we process it. Which keeps the id's of the children of the node in order. After that we save that metadata in the file and next time we load it we are loading the children in order.

  1. You can try by going to:

  2. Reorder the steps in the Editing tab
  3. Go to "Development" and click "Save".