Summary by Kiril

Mostly we are working on delivering the SolidWorks model for Fredi. There are a lot of internal features that should be implemented to deliver the SolidWorks models, but we are almost ready.

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[IS-6.0] Regression in the module to module selection in Babylon Scene

Fixed a bug where highlighting in the IS viewer wasn't shown for modules that are added to other modules. Example:

1) Go to
2) Click "Start Building" when the instructions load
3) Go to step 21

Previously there was no highlighting on page 21. Now there is.

[IS-6.0] Hold control to Select more than one step when on the Babylon Scene

IS Babylon Scene Mechanics

Introducing new selection mechanics to the IS Babylon Scene
Selection mechanic

By clicking on a step with a left mouse button in the scene you are selecting the step. If you click on the selected step again you will deselect it.
When you select one step and then click on another step the first step will be deselected and the second one will be selected. At the end you will have only one step selected - the last one.

Continuous selection mechanic

Same as the Selection mechanic, but by holding ctrl on windows and linux and cmd on mac you will be able to select/deselect multiple steps.

Deselection mechanic

If you have steps selected you can deselect all of them by double clicking with the left mouse button anywhere on the scene.

[IS-6.0] If there is an error with loading the file then the LoadingIndicator continues working

When uploading a file that has an error to it the loading indicator is hidden.


When looking at instructions steps, the new part that has appeared on the step often has a highlighting bounding box around it. This highlight now blinks several times to make it more clear which part appeared.

1) We go to
2) We go to step 2
3) The new piece that appears on step 2 has a blinking highlight

[IS-6.0] Allow for users to select a step on which they want to go by clicking on "1/100" progress indicator and typing inside

You can now go to any step on the IS viewer. Example:

1) Go to
2) Click on "Start building" when the robot has finished loading
3) Click on the window that says "1/283"
4) Type in "100"
5) Press Enter

This takes you to step 100 directly.

[IS-6.0] Strange quotation marks in the r() function in

This one is fixed in the old release note. It was difficult to copy past the old code.

New version available at sp058 axlessoft release note

[IS-6.0-Fredi] Clear up the importance of Service, Service Points and Events and how to use them

Article available at internally tutorial-80-services-and-service-points.html

An will soon be released publicly

[IS-6.0-Fredi] Rename steps-tree-editor to tree-explorer

The extension is now renamed and has a new name. Repo is is-tree_explorer