Axlessoft is a software development company

With software users from 80+ countries we develop products, operate platforms, and provide companies with software development and engineering services. Two of the platforms we are deeply involved in are FLLCasts and BuildIn3D. We provide full stack custom development solutions for delivering services over the Internet on a number of different stacks and clouds where we work along with the teams developing the business. Most of the time our path of choice for a web app is Stimulus, Rails, Heroku, AWS, Docker, Linux, but we try to use the right tool for the job, hence this site is on WordPress, all of our AI, machine learning and conversion is with Python on GCP, the 3D in browser solutions are pure JavaScript on top of Babylon.js and Three.js, leveraged by Node.js and compiled with Google Closure Compiler. Blender is big, React is huge, the SOLIDWORKS plugins are with C# and Java is close to our hearts.


BuildIn3D is our latest platform for visualizing animated and interactive 3D models and building instructions for brands, E-commerce and manufacturers.

Generate, Deliver and Track Assembly Instructions in 3D format with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Generate step-by-step assembly instructions the users could follow on every device. Save weeks preparing the instructions yourself.

Deliver the assembly instructions on every device. Integrate with your site. Track how people are following the instructions and suggest additional models.